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About us

The Daruma doll (達磨 daruma) is a Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism.

The Daruma doll is guardian charm symbolising focus and perseverance. The eyes are white so one can decide on a goal or wish and paint one eye in. Once the goal is achieved, the second eye is filled in.

We believe you should be busy building awesome features and we can best help you by focusing your security efforts so you can start filling in the second eye.


We provide classic security services covering the whole software development lifecycle from threat modelling and security architecture to security source code reviews and security automation in DevOps. ​

However, we believe we can offer the most value helping you understand the security context and giving guidance on when and how to use each of these tools. 

Our people are able experts in both the technical details of software security and in piecing together the bigger pictures and putting the security specifics into context for of your business. 

Because you could run the scanners yourself! 




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